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Wednesday, March 05, 2014
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The 3 P's of Photography
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
     Seeing as this is my first blog post, I wanted to make it about what it is that I do.  I specialize in what I call the three P's of photography.  What are the 3 P's of photography you ask?  People, Places, & Product.  People as a subject easily translates into Portraits however, portraits can be broken out into many different types of pictures. Pregnancy and Maternity pictures, Professional Headshots, Casual Portraits, and Modeling photography.  Simply put, I do all that!  The next thing Places, well as the name suggests I shoot places, Homes (interiors and exteriors), Restaurants, Hotels, Business Buildings, and Architecture.  As for the third P that's product and that can be just about anything you can imagine.  It's also known as Table Top Photography and Food Photography, although Food Photography does have it's own category but it's still table top photography.  I've been growing as a photographer for over 20 years and continue to push myself to learn new things, techniques, and ideas.  I am continually shooting, whether I'm getting paid or not, this helps me to stay fresh with my techniques and ideas.  Check back soon, and keep shooting!

Real Estate Photography, Interiors, Home Interiors
Saturday, March 15, 2014
I recently received a phone call from a real estate agent who is selling her own home. I was quite surprised that a real estate agent actually called me.  It seems that more often than not real estate agents fancy themselves photographers or don't think a particular house warrants the use of a photographer.  That being said many times when I do get a call to shoot a house, the home is located in one of the nicer country clubs.  In this instance the home was in La Quinta, at PGA West.  I spoke with the owner and let them know I was available for their short time frame and could complete the work in just a few days, they wanted the house listed on the MLS by the weekend.  I went to the home ahead of time and we discussed the images they needed, walked around the home and discussed price.  Later that same evening I arrived, unloaded all my gear and went to work.  We started in the great room and both owners were hands on in assisting me, moving furniture, candles and really getting invovled.  It was nice because, for me, not only did I have two assistants but they knew the home better than I and we discussed certain pictures prior to shooting.  I really enjoyed their perspectives, help, and they were able to look at the pictures as I was shooting and make suggestions.  We went through the house starting at the great room.  The first thing I wanted to show with the great room shot was the layout of the largest common area in the house.  The angle I chose was the same thing prospective buyers would see when they walked in the door.  On the right side was the sitting area (near the fireplace and TV), on the left was a small wetbar, and in the back ground was the kitchen.  There were twenty foot ceilings and the space felt enormous from that perspective.  I added a couple of lights for filling the darker areas bracketed my exposures.  This is an example of how I work when I'm shooting Real Estate, Home Interiors, and/or Interior Design.  I first go to the space with the client, no matter who it is, to ensure that I understand what they want and so that they can show me the features they like most.  I do this because no matter how long I've been shooting, I will see a space differently than somebody whose spent a portion of their life in it.  I'm able to see what they like and want, but I'm also able to offer my opinions and expertise.  My goal is to create an experience for the viewer that number one invites them into the space.  I want them to feel like they are going to walk into the space, to give them a sense of place.  By shooting the environment at night allows me to create a romance in the space and use softer lighting creating a more realistic and comfortable homey energy.  I always bring my own lighting so I can illuminate a space or just add accent lighting to already beautifully lit area. 

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