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A taste of Kentucky.
Most people don't realize the amount of effort that goes into a shot like this.  There are a minimum of four lights required for this shot and two reflectors.  This is a composite photograph which means that more than one image is used for the creation of this one.
A table top photograph of the worlds most valuable commodity.  Gold!
The scientist who refines this from solid bars told me he makes it more pure and increases it's value per ounce.  The reason it increases in price is there are less impurities therefore the buyer is receiving more gold per the same measurement.
Vintage Country Club Logo
I chose to use the green fade in the back ground becuase of the golf theme.  I moved the ball closer the the backdrop so it would give the appearance of floating on the green.  I used a total of four tee's, one of them having the same logo.  I wanted the tee to stand out so I used natural colored for the other three.
The Defender personal safety weapon.
This is the Classic Defender designed by Peter Brusso.  This simple looking piece of acrylic, when used properly, can be a highly affective tool for gaining compliance and the  submission of any person attacking you and/ or others around you.
Product Photography
Acrylic and ice are slippery.
The fun of this picture was building the ice wall in the background.  It was even more fun setting up the foreground and then shooting it.
The Hickory Grilling Man Crate.
I received this kit for my birthday.  As soon as I opened it I immediately started to have ideas about laying the items out and shooting the products.  The coolest part of the kit is the brass knuckle type meat tenderizer.
Table Top Photography
A subtle reflection.
The key in this type of photography is lighing and more importantly the angle of the camera to the product. The rules of composition apply to all photography.

Table Top Photography

Table Top Photography has a lot in common with food photography. Table top images are essentially any product or item shot on top of a table, hence the name. The different lighting, backgrounds, and other possibilities are limitless which is why this is one of my favorite subjects. I view products the same way as jewelry and my goal is the same for both, to create an image that is both desirable and easy to understand.

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