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The begining of great photograph!
This image shows the blue glow of the horizon light.  In table top photography it's the light that creates a horizon for the background of the photograph.  This light helps to provide depth for the image.
The beginning of a reflection.
The second light is what I call the label light.  As the name suggests it lights the label and also provides some light for the left side of the bottle.  The reflection below is a bonus, but the light for that comes later.
The bottles contents glow with expectation.
This is the curve light. It's place back right of the bottle and produces a soft glow along the right edge of the bottle.  Also, note the reflection and how it stands out from the previous image.  The label light is off so you can see how the individual lights affect the picture.
Only the right of the label is lit.
The main light provides the majority of the light for the bottle, the other lights are only effect and accent lights.  Although they are an important component of the picture they each have a specific area to light.  The main light is for remainder of the right side of the bottle and glow on the shoulder of the bottle.
A simply made reflector.
All four lights are on in this image the reflector is only used to bounce light on to the left part of the bottle and wrapper on top. This component of the image will be added to the primary image during processing.
Although beautiful this image took hours of work both in design, set-up, and processing.  The processing and cleaning of the image was quite time consuming as well, and   although I take my time and carefully plan before I take the picture there are certainly things that need to be done in post production.  Table Top  Photography is a great way to be creative and show off different types of products, but it can be quite time consuming.  The harder the idea the more rewarding it is when I get the shot!
An amazing example of Table Top Photography.
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