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Professional Portraits
Professional Headshot
Professional Portraits
Professional Head Shots
A formal headshot is used to show people your personality and the way you approach business.  Kevin is a stock broker in Palm Desert. He was a very nice and professional person, however it was clear to me that he was a no nonsence type of person and I wanted that to show in the pictures. We were both quite pleased with the results of our work.
Sheri is a real estate agent in Rancho Mirage. Her laid back personality shows through in her relaxed posture. Again, when getting ready to shoot portraits it's important to access not only the needs of the client but their personality as well. Sheri had a completly different approach to Kevin (above image) and I wanted to show her light hearted approach to relationships.
The advantages of having a beautiful daughter.  This was an impromptu photo session, and is the reason her hair is a mess.  That smile makes everything else disappear. In the case of children I've always found it important to play while taking pictures. The ease with which kids can achieve a purely joyous emotion is amazing and I love to capture that.
Rick is an author who called for some new pictures.  He wanted a new picture for the inside cover of his books.  This shot was in between poses and captured his calm and relaxed personality.  I do not recall if this was one of the images he selected but I look for different types of things than some of my clients.  Photographer knows best!
Retired Army Staff Sergeant, Mark Jalone.  Mark retired with a purple heart after 13 years of service to his country.  He now works for New York Life and is a financial planner. Mark and I are friends and try to get together on a regular basis. Besides his devotion to the USA he is also a dedicated husband and father of 3.
Pam graduated from PSHS with one of her friends who happened to be in my photography class while I was teaching at Palm Springs High School. Pam was on the swim team and this picture shows a glimpse into her underlying personality.  I'm not sure where Pam is now, but her friends and family all got copies of her senior photo's.
Mark is a sound engineer and needed a new professional headshot for a program at an upcoming concert in Boston. He was referred to me by a mutual friend and client.  This was the type of picture he wanted however I've always felt that perhaps we should have done his portraits in a more casual setting, I think it would have captured his personality better.
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A serious professional headshot.
A more casual feel in this picture.
Allowing her real personality to show.
I think Rick wants to be an actor!
A casual smile is worth a million.
One of many different senior portraits.
A 3 quarter bust, formal portrait.
Professional Portraits
Professional Headshots
Professional Headshots are typically shot in front of a backdrop with a professional lighting set-up.  More and more however many professionals are moving toward a more casual setting.  In my opinion either type of picture is acceptable for business purposes but there is definitely a different mood with the two different types of portraits.  The mood of the person will show through no matter the setting however the overall mood of the picture is determined by the background or backdrop.  In either case it is ultimately up to the client to choose what mood they're wanting to portray and for the photographer to capture that.
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