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Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography at it finest.
Modeling Photography
A memory of the past.
Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography with attitude.
Modeling Photography, for me, is about showing a certain emotion. I like to capture multiple emotions when shooting.  Sometimes a subtle look can emote better than a big demonstration.
I really like this image.  It reminds me of the reliefs found on Egyptian Sarcophagus.  I also like the forlorn look of retrospect as if she's looking into the past.
I liked this pose from the start. Having taken boxing classes in the past this was a natural pose for her.  I wanted to accent the ring so I used a low aperture to blur the background.  The dramatic lighting kept the image feeling for serious.
Model Portfolio
Anthony Youngblood, Male Model
When I spoke with Anthony about shooting some stuff for his portfolio he was full of energy and excitement.  He made suggestions along the way but let me have creative control.  This shot was at the end of the day after we'd been driving from location to location.
Modeling Portfolio
Sexy but out of reach.
This was at our first location, an old gas station on Highway 86 near Mecca, CA.  I chose the location and then Anthony did what models do and took off his shirt.  I did several photographs with him inside the abonded station.  Click the image to go to the carousel, there are more pictures there.
Variety is important for Models.
I wanted do a lighter feeling image and show some variety for Anthony.  One of the most important things for a model is to be able to show variety.  If I had 5 pictures of him in a white shirt it would get pretty boring, no matter the environment.
Modeling Portfolio
Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography for me has been like going back to college and having an assignment with no limitations.  It is similar to product photography, but different in the way that I work.  The nice thing about having a model is you can coach them to or tell them what you want and then immediately start shooting.  Product aren't quite the same and process is much less collaborative and exciting.  Modeling photography is truly an adventure in human emotion with many times leads to laughter and fun.
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