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I wanted to photograph this on a background that made the necklace standout.  I also wanted to create an organic flow with the necklace.
Jewelry photography takes patience and creatvity.
I used the individual fingers of the coral to hold the rings of the bracelet. I wanted the golden golw of the rings standout.
Props and creativity are a big part of every shoot.
This shot contrasts with the first image above. I wanted to give the client two different options for her products.  Which one do you like most? Many pieces in jewelry photography require several options.
Brenda also recycles clothes and fashions them into different bags and clutches. A very green mentality and great revenue source. This is one of her more exotic designs.
Simple product photography is sometimes the best option.
Dangling tiger eyes with gold chains.
I liked the way these earrings were showing two different views.  I shot them a few different times however, I liked this one the best
I called this picture 'Turquoise Hoops.'  I thought the smoothness of the hoops contrasted with the rough texture of the coral.  I used this background to finish the beach feel of the picture.
Earings always create a repetition of form.
Shooting this large necklace with the hotel background created a symmetry  with the individual windows and the separate pieces of the necklace.
I liked this lighter view of the same necklace.
A necklace with many possibilities.
This necklace has a certain strength.
I shot several pieces in this similar format at the same angle, etc.  The reason was each piece of jewelry was so unique and individual that they all stood alone.  I have several different backgrounds I used for this picture and liked the way the bright red of the droplets stood out from the rest of the picture.
Jewelry Photography

I enjoy shooting jewelry photography.  As with all my photography I try to present a clean and precise image that creatively and effectively shows and accents the subject.  Whether Jewelry or some other product my goal is to make the subject desirable to the viewer.

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