This is a kitchen photograph, of the same home shown above. I needed to add soft lighting to the legs of the stools without making the rest of the image unnatrual.  I also turned on the lights under the cabinets, inside the microwave, inside the double oven, and rearranged the light bulbs in the chandelier.
The challenge in shooting this dining room was the large mirror on the right side of the picture.  If you look closely you can see me in the reflection. Dealing with reflection and lighting is part of the job, just because they are doesn't stop me.  I will get the shot!
I used all of the lights available in this room and also added three more to fill in the darker areas.  I shot the interior photograph from this angle because the fire place, on the left, did not have the gas logs installed yet.  I wont' usually shoot a fireplace unless I can have a fire in it.  Because most homes in the desert have gas, this is a simple task.
This interior design photograph is in the private residence of a custom home builder, in the Coachella Valley.  This home is nestled up against a mountain in Ironwood Country Club, and blends nicely with it's surroundings.
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This home interior photograph was shot in a  private residence at The Quarry in La Quinta.  The home was listed at $2.2 million dollars and sat on the market for about 3 years.  It sold within 9 months of these photos being taken.
The owner of this home hired me because his real estate agent refused to use a professional photographer.  These photographs helped to sell this home within months. Since the advent of digital photography many people consider themselves photographers.
Home Interiors
Home Interiors
Home Interiors
Home Interior
Home Interiors
Home Interiors
This home was shot for Kelly Degeare, Interior Designer and owner of Degeare Design.  Kelly's interior design styles are found in homes through out the Coachella Valley, including several homes in Big Horn Country Club and all models homes at Villagio C.C.
Home Interiors
Home Interiors
This custom kitchen was built by Jobe Construction.  I shot 3 homes including Mr. Jobe's.  I also did the graphic design for his  presentation folders, as well as,  printing for his sales books.
The romance of home photography.
Fire places ad mood to interior photography.
During longer exposures lights look like stars.
Dusk & evening is the best time.
Interior photography with a fireplace.
A sense of place is key for home photography.
Kitchens are special places for family gathering.
An elegant but simple kitchen.
Home Interior Photography
My opinion of Home Interior Photography has always been showing the true comfort and space of the home.  When I enter the home I look around at the space and evaluate the features I like most as well as look for flattering angles that will accent the homes design and space. That being said bathrooms have always posed the most challenging. The reason is the amount refelctive surfaces and mirrors.  I've shot many interiors for various clients and they've always been pleased with my results.
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