Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Action shots take on a whole new meaning when shooting at an  construction site.  They were just finishing up lowering the inner ribar skeleton of the bridge leg.  This process had started before I arrived and likely took 30 minutes or more to correctly place the skeletal system that will support millions of pounds of cement, railings, lights, and automobiles.
Construction sites offer a unique chance to capture behind the scenes activities that you don't get to see everyday.  Not only are the activities unique but the the objects are as well. This steel pipe was 8 feet in diameter and was the subject of several photographs.
I walked around this industrial site after everybody had left and found this angle of three cranes a leg of the bridge and this great puddle. I liked the way the different elements for composition presented themselves and manipulated my stance to place the objects in just the right way, including the telephone poles on the right side of the image.
I love shooting sunsets and I love shooting construction sites as well.  This crossover shot allowed me to show some creativity and contrast the beauty of nature with the rugged texture of steel rusty beams. Nature vs. Man has been an ongoing theme for many years.
Corrugated pipe presents an interesting look. This shot at sunset with my fisheye lens contrasts the light and shadow as well as curvature of the shadow with the pipe itself. There were so many different elements available in this simple composition.  The fish-eye lens didn't make this a great image it simply enhanced the greatness that was already there.
Dried and muddy tire tracks show the strength of the equipment as well as the weight of the earth movers. This reminded me of riding on airplanes and looking down at the mountains. Although a uniform image of molded mud I still think of hills and mountains.
I saw this waterfall during the day and new it would be a great shot.  This is a two second exposure to get the water soft and fuzzy. Obviously, this is man made but the quality and attention to detail really give it an oasis feel.  A sunrise behind  this area would be fantastic for the next picture.
These I-beams were used to build the Adams Street Bridge in La Quinta, between Highway 111 and Westward Ho. Another contrasting image between the beauty of nature and rough abrasive approach of construction.
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Industrial photography showing a large pipe.
A reflection of what lies above.
A great example of leading line contrasting the clouds.
Abstract industrial photography.
An impressionable photograph.
A waterfall at Big Horn Country Club.
From I's to the sky.
The shadow pushes into the action.
Industrial Photography
Industrial Photography
Industrial photography is defined as photography that captures the events and/or sights that can be found in and near businesses of industry. Whether for construction companies, welders, or even scrap yards industrial photography fits a niche for many businesses. This type of photography allows for a very creative interpretation of the subject matter requested and can provide many interesting images.
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