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Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography
Food photography takes time and patience. This pictures was about 2 hours.  Between equipment set up, food prep, and small adjustments time flies.  The final result is worth it though!
Italian Food Photography always makes me hungry!
These chocolate zig zags give the coconut cream extra dimension.
Shooting desserts allows for extra creativity.  For this shot I liked the lighting in from the right and being able to see the pudding with the whip cream floating on top. We sprinkled in some roasted coconut slivers for extra affect.
There are a number of ways to photograph a pizza.  The classic or more popular these days is a shot of the pizza with the cheese melting into strings as a slice is raised from the rest of the pies.  Typically, it's a pepperoni pizza.  I shot this one from over head for a unique and different perspective.
A colorful composition of fruit.
The green chile is commonly referred to as a vegetable however that is an incorrect classification.  I used the vibrant colors of these fruits to compliment the contrast of flavors.  Sweet cherries, sour lemon, spicy chile pepper and tangy orange.
A vegetable pizza on thin crust.
Golden brown crust with thinly sliced apples make a great looking pie.
I chose to shoot this apple pie like this because of the movement created between the two pieces.  I liked how my eyes bounced 
between the blurry piece and the in focus one.  This apple pie tastes as good as it looks.
Salmon with white wine and a dinner salad.
I rotated this plate as I shot the meal.  I chose to use this angle because of how the layers of color flow together.  I also liked the symmetry between the plate and the lay out of the veggies.
The lemon custard or pudding under the top layer of meringue was too runny and we couldn't get  the shot.  I chose to put in the lemon slices to hold the pudding, but also to brighten and add flavor to the picture.  My other option was to freeze the pie for about 45 minutes.  I liked this picture and didn't bother with the second option.
Some lemon zest for accent.
Food photography is easy when the chef brings out food that looks like this.  This dish is proscuitto wrapped scallops with risotto, green beans, and fennel.  The sauce adds the finishing compliment.
Food photography is simple when the the chef and the photographer share a vision!

Food Photography is about capturing the essence of the food and the artistry of the presentation.  Showing food as art is a great challenge, however, when it's achieved it's an amazing thing. I've looked at food photogaphy from one perspective, and that is, "Does it make me hungry?" When I take pictures and people say, "Now I'm hungry!" I know I've done my job.

Food Photography
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