Family Portraits
Family Portraits
Family Portraits
Family Portratis
Family Portraits
Family Portraits
Teri and her family called me with this idea and I knew we were going to have a great shoot.  We did headshots for the kids and different family shots as well.  I shot this picture with high ISO and 8 frames a second.  This was the third picture in the sequence.
Three generations of women came together at this renewing of vows.  Grace, the lady in white, is the grandmother with her in-laws, daughters, and grand daughters.  These special moments make it all worth while.
Another shot of Teri and her family.  This one, prior to the jumping picture above.  She called me with the idea and I knew it would be on my website forever.
This family was in town from Los Angeles and called me for a quick portrait shoot.  We walked around the golf course where they were staying and had a lot of fun while doing these pictures.
While at a wedding I saw these four possing for a patron's camera.  I shot this candid photo and the family liked it so much they order three 16 x 20 canvas prints, framed.  One for each family and one for the grand parents.
This shoot was in the middle of summer at the Marriot Desert Springs, Desert Princess. It was easily 90 degrees. I would do a shoot later but they were leaving later that day and all families were headed to different parts of California.
This family of four was another off shoot of Grace and her husband.  This is Grace's son and his family.  I liked this pose but the daughter was just a little tall, so I asked her to do a mini curtsie.
Family Portraits
Bonnie and Roger are snow birds here and their family came down for the holliday season. They decided family photos were the way to finalize 2013.
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What a great photograph!
This shoot was on location at The Miramonte Resort.
The setting sun creates a natural hair light or halo.
Many families wear similar colors for their pictures.
Using flash helps creates a well exposed image.
Candid family portraits have a different feel.
Positioning is important for large family portraits.
Another great picture from the Miramonte.
Family Portratis
Family Portraits

Family Portraits are about capturing the essence of the family. Showing the dynamic of the different personalities and how everybody goes together as a unit. Some families have a contrasting dynamic and my goal is the same, to show the family as a unique one that stands out from the others exemplifying their individuality.

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