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This exterior is of a private home in Rancho Mirage, CA. Shooting photographs at night creates a romantic image, and allows more control over lighting. I shot the house this way because it dominates over the other features of the picture.
This exterior was of two town homes in Palm Springs, CA.  This is the Palomino Townhomes.  Many times when I shoot exteriors I water down the cement to  add more depth to the image and create reflections.
Homes with more architectural style to them photograph well during the day, however if they are lit well they look good at night too.  Compare this picture with it's evening copy below. Which one do you like more?
This night time exterior was complimented by the interesting angles created at the roof line. The circular windows to the left and right of the door are contrasting desgin elements. Notice the reflection due to the use of water on the drive way. Do you like this one more?
Although difficult to see from this angle, the far right side of this home has a wall of glass. The back of this houses faces west and has an impressive view of the San Jancinto Mountains as well as beautiful sunsets that occur daily.
This is the front yard of the home and faces east.  You can see the hills silhouetted in the background this home is at the base, which helps to drop temperatures during the extreme summers in the Coachella Valley.
Another exterior, this home is in one of the gated communities in Palm Desert, CA.  The image does not do the size of this property justice.  The home sits on 3 acres has a pool, separate guest house and a large grass area for multiple uses.
Exteriors are always best at dusk or dawn.
Two different home exteriors with the same garage door.
Great architerture leads to great pictures.
Evening architectural pictures are always great!
Use of existing light is always key in evening shots.
I even turn on the television for extra color & light.
Two date palms flank the main gate of this home.
Home exteriors and architecture have always been one on my favorite things to take pictures of.  The design of the structure has always been interesting to me.  I enjoy shooting homes at dusk and using water whenever possible.  Often times I'll walk around the space until I glance at the building, more times than not the picture is one of the best.
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