Hi my name is Adrian, I wanted to let you know a little about how I came to be a photographer and my journey. When I was 12 years old (over 25 years ago) my mom got a nice, fancy camera for her birthday. I’d never seen anything like it before; it was a Single Lens Reflex, an SLR. She studied it, pushing buttons and examining the owner’s manual, reading how to use the various features. I was excited and chomping at the bit, I had to get my hands on her new toy! Finally, after bugging her incessantly, she gave in, and handed me the camera. She said, “You can take one picture.” She put the camera strap around my neck and told me to use both hands. As I walked outside she yelled behind me, “JUST ONE!”

I remember some time later, maybe a day, maybe a week. She had the pictures processed and was looking through them. I was watching TV not paying attention, I’d forgotten about my excitement to take the picture. Her hand swung toward me and she said, “This must be yours.” I took the photo from her and looked at the picture of the helicopter hanging in the sky. The paper was all blue, the same color as the sky during mid-day, and there was the helicopter so small and insignificant, motionless, stopped. I brought the image up to my eye and examined the picture more closely; the blades of the helicopter were stopped. I started to smile and said, “Hey mom, check that out!” I handed her the picture and she said flatly, “Yup, that’s a helicopter.” My mom hadn’t noticed what I did; I could stop the moving blades of a helicopter without being anywhere close to it. I had found the ability to stop time. I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since. So fascinated in fact, that I majored in photography while attending university.

I graduated in 1998 with a BA specializing in Fine Art Photography. I’ve been shooting professionally since before that date, however graduation is where I put the first mile marker on my photographic journey. My influences are Barbara Kasten & Ansel Adams. I enjoy Barbara’s images for their bright, bold colors, and abstract designs. I enjoy Ansel Adams because he truly showed his love of the outdoors and environment while creating the best landscape photography to date. His images are the inspiration for generations.

Although I’ve drawn much of my influence from artistic photographers I love being able to create personalized art for people from various walks of life and professions. I consider myself lucky that I am able to use my talent to create memories that people will cherish for years to come.  My specialties are Portrait, Interior, Exterior, & Product Photography.  I also, shoot Commercial, Industrial, Food, and Professional Headshots.
Education- California State University San Bernardino 1994-June 1998
Bachelor of Art: Fine Art Photography. 1991-1993 California State University Northridge and College of the Desert for lower division classes.

Experience- I’ve been a commercial photographer since 1998. I startedmy business after graduation from college, and have pursued it for the past 15 years. 

2007-Current Self Employed Photographer - ALM Photography Studio
Moved back to Southern California, restart photography business.

2005 Moved to Portland, OR. Portrait Photography, Home Interior Photography, published in Lake Oswego Review, Member Of Home Builders Association & Business Network Int. Product Photography for Home Comfort Zones.

2004 Portraits for Computer Services Inc., Home Interior Photography for Stonecrest Marble & Granite Co. Inc. and Degeare Builders, Wedding Photography & Portraits, Graphic Design for various companies.

2003 Published in Builder/ Architect Magazine. Interior Home Photography for Bighorn C.C. Palm Desert, photography and graphic design McIntyre Pools and Spas. Wedding Photography & Portraits full time photographer.

2002 Published in The Desert Sun and Palm Springs Life. Weddings, Product Photography (Jewelry). Sold cars for Cathedral City Auto Group Full Time.

Product photography for the Slack Shoppe, Photo Albums, Photo-Restoration (various clients). Manager, Sales Trainer, Sunglass Hut Int. Full time.

2000 Interior Photography for Kelly Degeare Interior Designer. Full time at Ritz camera.

1999 Photography Part Time, while full time at Ritz Camera.

1998 Real estate photography for Scott Lyle. Camera sales for Ritz Camera until April 2000. Graduated University.

1997 Photography layout for “Kool Kade and Kasket.”

1994- Present
Family portraits and head shots.

1993- Present
Legal photographer, working for lawyers taking pictures of damaged vehicles and personal injuries.
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