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Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
The Getty Center in Los Angeles is as beautiful on the outside as the works of art that are stored on the inside. Along with multiple statues and paintings, the Getty hosts  one of the largest collections of photography in the world.
This shot, at Spencers in Palm Springs, show the creative lighting discs and server station.  I liked the repetition of form throughout the entire picture and the way the image directs my eye around. While I was processing the images I noticed how much they resemble the stereotypical UFO.
I love the Getty, it's an incredibly unique space.  Not only does the architecture separate itself from many other buildings in the area, but its location hosts some amazing views. On a clear day you can see the coast in Malibu, CA.
Premier Lighting Innovations creates beautiful designs with lighting. This home at Big Horn Country Club was lit all around and plans to do more next year. Santa definitely comes to this house and sneaks passed the two guards at the entry.
I liked the symetry between the glass elevator and the sculpture in the distance.  I used the trees, both on top, and in the middle of the image to frame the sculpture in the distance. Framing made it more of a focal point and created a leading line between the elevator and itself.
The glowing orbs give the  affect of fire flies in early evening. This one second exposure allowed the waiter and the fire to blur for effect. I've always enjoyed shooting time exposures it truly gives the feeling of drawing with light.  Photo is greek for light and graph means to draw.
More basic composition examples in this picture.  This early dining shot shows a few patrons enjoying drinks and dinner. The image flows from bottom right to the left and then into the eating area, there is repetition of form throughout and a great example for the rule of thirds.
Commercial Photography
The varied textures add to the artistic style and and look of Getty Center.  There are multiple levels to this museum, even if you don't go for the art, the architecture is inspiring by itself. The repetition of the railing mimics the design of the post and lintels.  The subtle glow of the overhead light creates another mood for the image.
Commercial photography is one of my specialties.
Spencers Restaurant in Palm Springs.
A hanging corner makes a great frame for the buildings
Two nutcrackers stand guard at the entrance
Repetition of form between the elevator and sulpture.
The patio area at Spencers in Palm Springs.
Empty frames and hanging corners.
The main dining area with a glowing, custom
wine rack on the left.
Commercial Photography
Commercial Lighting
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography covers a conglomerate of different pictures. Simply put it is any photography used for advertising. Wether its, different types of product, houses, or even people commercial work is all those great ads you see in magazines and other publications, websites, or other media.  Commercial pictures can even be used to sell services.
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