Casual Portraits
Casual Portraits
Casual Portraits
Casual Portraits
Casual Portraits
This portrait was for a family friend. This was literally the first picture of the session. I asked her to smile and then I counted to three.  She made this face and just before her mother fainted from embarrassment I got this shot.  The pricelss faces of children is one of the reasons I like taking pictures of them. They are so raw with their emotions.
This couple met 50 years ago while attending USC.  They renewed their vows on this day 50 years later, with all their friends and family in attendance.  One of the best parts of my job is being able to join with and share in these special moments. This intimate moment was captured before we started shooting while they thought I was adjusting my cameras settings.
Casual Portraits
Casual Portraits
A senior portrait, of Chris, just a few days before the rest of his life.  We shot pictures in front of the backdrop and at the park.  Of all the pictures we did this one by far was the best display of his personality. As with professional headshots the goal is to show the personality of the client. The background is not an afterthought, in fact with portraits it's the first thought.
This is Ken and Brenda, they hired me to shoot their parents 50th wedding anniversary party. Brenda also designs jewelry. Check out the Jewelry Gallery listed under Product Photography and you can see an sample of her wares
Being a father this shot was more emotional for me.  They were actually walking to another area of their yard for a picture and this caught my eye.  We shot this walk a few times, this was the final proof. I love the NFL but I don't know who wilsom is.  Guessing from the number hes a linebacker.
A lot of photographers have standard settings and poses they do for senior portraits. Portraits are about personality and style, I like to let my customers be themselves, then I take the pictures. The most important part of a picture is the background, especially when shooting outside. This date grove was leveled when the new aquatic center was built in Palm Desert.
Sometimes going away from the standard poses and being creative is  is part of what makes for a better picture.  Four kids from two different families, each one a different height. This was one of the best pictures from the shoot. The parents absolutely loved this pose even before I showed them the proofs.  Sometimes creativity is all you need and the love does the rest.
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A great casual senior portrait.
A key to casual portraits is a nice background.
A great moment creates a memorable casual portrait.
Unique poses make great pictures.
Funny face pictures are always great.
Casual senior portraits are great!
A stack of children!
Casual Portraits

Casual Portraits are a lot of fun. Typically it's one or two people and I get a chance to form a trust or bond with them. It's a brief moment where we develop a trust and they know that I'm going to capture an image that shows them as they truly are. Although some people may feel more comfortable in front of a camera, that's actually part of my job, it's my responsibility to help them feel at ease and relaxed.  A good sense of humor usually helps.

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